Agri Capital deploys capital in healthy food investments that are:



  • Innovation & Research based
  • High quality
  • Rooted in modern food safety systems
  • Available year round 

Appropriately scaled

  • Competitively priced
  • Oriented toward consolidated retail industry
  • Built-in diverse perspective


Vertically integrated

  • Diversified margins across value chain
  • Greater product custody and quality assurance
  • Enhanced employment opportunities
  • Broader access to sustainability improvement


Investment Focus

Agri Capital is a disciplined investment firm.

Our team combined has over 50 years experience investing over $5 billion in agriculture, consumer brands, food & beverage and private label manufacturing.


- Agriculture brands

- Consumer agriculture food product companies; snacks, frozen, packaged goods. 

- Land deals with grower, packing and or distribution. 

Exclude: Our firm does not invest in Ag equipment related investments.  

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The Agri Capital  team is aligned in its mission to grow access to healthy, sustainable  food. We’ve assembled experienced professionals from finance, farming,  processing, marketing, and sustainability to bring innovative thinking  to managing successful food enterprises. 

Food & agriculture offer compelling investment opportunities

Global population growth


  The United Nations forecasts that the world's population will grow to 9.6 billion by 2050 from 7.2 billion today

Arable land and water


Limited arable land and water. According to The World Bank, in 2011 (the most recent data available), 37.5% of the world's total land was agricultural. Most of the world's high quality land is currently under production, and the amount of agricultural land (land that is arable or under permanent crops or pastures) has remained nearly static for the past 30 years. As a result, land expansion opportunities are limited, and yield growth will need to fill the majority of the production increase.

Plant based diet


  Our population is undergoing a plant based and protein food revolution transitioning from a carbohydrate-based diet to a protein, plant and fruit - based diet resulting in tremendous growth opportunities. 

We expect that more food will have to be produced over the coming decades than has been produced during the past 10,000 years, 

Vertical Integration opportunities

Farm to Table


Our firm looks for vertical integration opportunities for our portfolio companies or as standalone investments.

  • Field: We like opportunities where we control and grow our crops. Providing enhanced cost, quality and control of our key ingredients of our COGS.
  • Processing: to maintain the highest quality and safety.
  • Control costs through our supply chain.
  • Transportation.
  • Deliver superior product, nutrition and taste to our consumer's plate.